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Nov Fri 10 6pm

Carving Wood, Carving Sound

Pavlo Beznosiuk (violin)
Chris Daunt (wood engraver)

A lecture recital juxtaposing the evolutions of the violin bow and wood engraving from the 18th century.

The violin bow of the 18th century was a very different tool to its modern counterpart. It was simple in construction but capable of a far more varied repertoire of nuanced strokes. Renowned Baroque violinist Pavlo Beznosiuk will chart the history and development of the violin bow and will show the very specific musical and technical advances made by violinists of the18th century.

Wood engraving is a print making process that grew out of the technique of the woodcut. Master wood engraver Chris Daunt will show how wood engraving developed from the desire to achieve a finer line and greater tonal range than the wood cut, as well as the need to be able to print images alongside moveable type. Chris will explain how Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) from Gateshead perfected the art of wood engraving to a level that has, arguably, not been surpassed. Chris will explain how wood engraving became the main method for producing publication images in the 19th century and went on to become a fine art in the early 20th century. Chris will describe the process from the point of view of a practicioner and teacher and will have a selection of tools, blocks and prints on view, as well as providing an opportunity for people to try out the process of cutting into a block.

This event is as part of our Avison Workbooks Project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and one of Avison's manuscript Workbooks will be on view. Click here for more information about the Avison Workbooks Project.

The Literary & Philosophical Society
23 Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
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FREE EVENT. No ticket necessary. Donations welcomed!